Let's research the answer to these questions, and perhaps, using VoiceThread, we can share our information and enter it into the table below.

If you have a question, add it into the bottom of the table and include your answer and the other class can add their answer for you to see!

Have fun!



When is your spring?
September October November

When is your summer?
December January February March

When is your atumn?
March (both) April May

When is your winter?
June July August

What is your average
summer temperature?
25 deg Celcius

What is your average
winter temperature?
15 deg Celcius

Does it snow?
Not in the city but on the mountains

Do you wear sunscreen?
Yes!!! It gets very hot and our sun is dangerous.

How much rain do you get
a year average?
About 500 - 600mm per year.

What are your favourite things
to do in summer?
Swim, go to the beach, play cricket, play tennis,

What are your favourite things
to do in winter?
Cuddle up on the couch and watch movies,
sleep over at friends,
play in the rain, play soccer.

Tell me about life in the desert
Tell me about life at the sea
We have lots of beaches and we can get to
any one of them in about
10 minutes by car. Sometimes we can even walk there!
Our seas sand is white and very soft and fine. We have
sharks and seals and dolphins and whales from
October to November. Even Penguins. We will post
photo's of Boulders
where the Penguins are soon.

Is there anything else you
would like to know?

  • Can you drink the water from your taps?
Yes, our water is safe to drink.

  • Tell me about your landscape
We have lots of mountains, and sea and sanddunes.
We have no desert but we do have dry
areas like the karoo.

  • Tell me about what you farm:
or import / export
Pig farms, sheep farms, ostrich farms in
Oudsthoorn and Cape Point. Lots of vineyards,
and citrus, cherry farms and strawberry farms.

  • Tell me about your prices:
what do you pay for:
Bread, Milk, Coke, Petrol, Chips
For one loaf of Low GI Brown bread is R9.00.
For 1 Litre of milk is R7.00
2 Litre of Coca Cola is about R14.00
R10.23/litre for petrol
Chips are about R8.00 big pack.