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Hello to you all!
This looks interesting! What are you doing?

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Reading about your class before we asked the following questions!

The SA Students are asking:

  • That is interesting that your Holy Day is a Friday. We go to church on a Sunday. What does Holy Day mean and what do you do on it?
  • We also want to know if you go on School Camps because we just went on ours. It was FUN!
  • Also do you do a school play during the year.
  • What sport do you play and do you play matches?
  • Does your school have fundraising socials or events?
  • The girls want to know if the girls at your school are allowed to wear their hair loose or do they need to tie it up? We have to tie ours up.
  • We would like to know what your playground looks like. Can you put a picture up here and we will put one up of ours.
  • Were you doing an experiment in the picture above? What experiment were you doing?
  • Holy Day means it is our religious day, we go to Masjid on Friday.
  • We also went on picnic with school children and had lots of fun.
  • We like playing Soccer and it is also our national game.
  • We play many games like basketball, soccer, volleyball etc.Recently we has Sports day in school .
  • Yes we do have and its going to be on coming 10th of May.Letc c how how much fund we raise. Children are exited.
  • We have 3 different playgrounds in school for seniors, juniors and for small nursery kids. Here are some of the pics of our playground.
  • Yes we had science fair in school. Children are doing chemistry and physics experiments. Many parents and visitors visited our school.

This is our playground.



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