This wiki is dedicated to the Cultural Exchange Project between 9/10 year old learners in the UAE and in South Africa beginning this week, 23 January 2012.

It is designed to fit into their Curriculum and cover various Learning Areas during the year. This wiki will be used to upload and share photographs, movie clips, links and letters as we journey to know, understand and appreciate one another's cultures.

For the UAE Class, English is not their first language and for the SA Class they understand no Arabic, therefore we want to introduce one or two words per section in the 'other language'. e.g.: How to say pet, dog or cat in Arabic. We will see how we can help with their English as the project progresses. It is my hope that we will be able to video chat over Skype / Adobe Connect at the conclusion of each section to have a Q&A time between the classes and hear the pronounciation of their words. The teachers involved will share information via Dropbox, and children will be able to leave questions on the Q&A Discussion Page.

We have no "end date" in sight but plan to continue running the project for as long as it runs benefically for both parties.

Below are the steps I foresee the SA school taking. However it is not essential that both schools follow the steps below in terms of HOW they share this information, as long as the information IS shared. It is the way I plan to progress.

The project is organic and flexible and therefore open to changing along the way.:

My Class and My School:

An email from each teacher introducing the classes to one another, containing the following info:-
  • The name of the school, physical address and co-ordinates
  • A Class Photo and a Photo of the School.
  • How many children are in our class?
  • What are our school hours?
  • What days do we go to school?
  • What subjects do we do?
  • Do we wear a uniform?

On receipt of the email my class will use Google Earth to locate their partner school. For the privacy of the pupils, the details of the School location will be emailed to one another and NOT uploaded to the wiki. A class photo will be uploaded together with the information about the school.
  • They will Print Screen the location and paste it into an MS Powerpoint presentation which will plot the journey of their project.
  • They will enter the co-ordinates, add the name and physical address of the School.
  • They will insert the class and school photo's that had been emailed, into their Powerpoint.
  • On the wiki they will just answer the questions provided.

My Pet(s):

Learners are to take photographs of themselves with their pets and email them to school. I will then put these onto their homedrives to access and upload.
  • Using MS Word the children write a brief piece about the pets that that have
  • How do they look after them
  • Who feeds them
  • Do they need exercise
  • Any other information relevant to their pets
  • The children can opt to make a short video clip of themselves talking about/with their pets if they wish.

All of this information will be uploaded to the wiki together with their photographs. On the next page of their Powerpoint Presentation they will add their photo and a photo from UAE Class and, as part of Life Skills they will write a bulleted list on the responsibilities of a pet owner.

My Weekend:

  • For English Creative Writing, diarise your weekend from Friday after school to Sunday night (or in the case of the UAE Class, when your weekend begins and ends).
  • In Art, illustrate your diary. These will be scanned, and uploaded using Little Bird Tales the children will narrate their stories for their partner class to read.
  • We will use Google/Bing Translate from Arabic to English / English to Arabic if necessary.

My City, My Country:

Forming part of Social Sciences we look at this in different sections:-
On your Powerpoint Slide Show record the following:
  • What is the name of your city / country
  • How many people live in your city / country
  • What people groups live in your country
  • What faiths live in your country

When your partner school submits their stats, use MS Excel to compare countries stats and create a graph. This will be uploaded to the wiki.
Create a seperate Powerpoint Slide for each of the following which will be uploaded to the wiki on completion and then added to your existing Slide Show. (For the wiki one of each of the learners slides will be used and amalgamated into one slideshow)
  • A brief history of our Country (when it became a country, how you celebrate your "National day, where it got its name, how it got its name. Who was their first president and who is their president now.)
  • Our Flag
  • Our Anthem
  • Our National Emblems (National Bird, National Flower, National Animal, Coat of Arms, etc)
  • Our National Holidays

In Art, learners paint/ create /colour in these emblems which are scanned and uploaded their slideshow and later to the wiki. Compare with the partner school emblems. In Music Appreciation, we video our chlildren singing our National Anthem and upload this to the wiki together with the translation.

  • Our Tourist Attractions
Tourism! Working in small groups, each group choose a tourist attraction and in PhotoStory 3 source photographs of these attractions and record briefly why these are attractions of your country.

In ICT, we pushpin where our Country's main tourist attractions are and give a summary of what it is. Then we can explore one anothers attractions in Google Earth.

Tell me about:

As part of NS, the classes learn about one anothers seasons. A country where water is abundant / A country where water is all desalinated Two countries with very different landscapes.
    • Tell me about life in the desert / Tell me about life at the sea
    • Tell me about your seasons
    • Tell me about your landscape and agriculture
    • Tell me about your prices - what do we each pay for: Bread, Milk, Coke, Petrol, Packet of Crisps,

The learners will work in groups of 3 each covering one of the above topics. When they have completed their research they will use Voki or Oddcastto record their findings. These will be uploaded to the wiki for their partner school to listen to, together with their written notes for them to read in case they don't understand the accent. These transcriptions will be done in MS Word. Their voki / oddcast link will be pasted to their Powerpoint Presentation.

Most important to us is:

The class will be asked to rate In order of what is most important (1) to least important (10). Once they have shared this information we will create a diagram plotting what our similarities and differences are based on the environment we live in.

My Culture:

This also forms part of Social Sciences:
    • This is the food we like....
In groups of 3, each group come up with a dish that is traditional to their country and include a recipe for them. The teacher will then choose ONE of those recipes, and It is my plan that each class actually prepare and do a step-by-step guide to how to prepare this ONE meal. While it is being prepared, we photograph each step. We upload this to You Tube - then each school make that dish given by their partner school, and photograph the results which will be uploaded to the wiki with our comments on the dish.

    • This is the sport we like....

    • This is the music we like....
The class, among themselves can come up for 4 of their favourite styles of music / songs and post You Tube links to these songs on the wiki.

    • This is how we dance.....
Do you have a traditional dance that is associated with your country? Show us what it is by doing it as a class, filming it, and using Movie Maker make a short clip of it. Upload the clip to the wiki and tell us about it.
    • Our greatest celebration in the year is...
How do you celebrate your National Day? How do you celebrate your birthday? What does Happy Birthday sound like when it is sung in your language? I would like to use Adobe Connect or Skype for them to sing their version of Happy Birthday to one another.

These will be summarised and added to the next Powerpoint show under the respective headings.

A Story for You:

Each child will write a short story using characters/ animals/ landscapes that are typical of their country and culture. These will then be collated, scanned and uploaded via Flipsnack for their partner school to read and enjoy.

Wrap Up:

If possible Skype / Adobe Connect online video chat.